Pub2Bib – Version 2.0e

Pub2Bib: converts PubMed database records

Pub2Bib allows you to keep the reference list of your dissertation up-to-date. Simply enter the PubMed article's ID (PMID) or let Pub2Bib find it for you in the PubMed database. Choose a template, e.g. BibTeX, plain text, HTML, or comma separated value (CSV, allows further processing with Excel, Access and other popular applications).
Imported data can be edited and finally saved to your target BibTeX, plain text, HTML, or CSV file. (Templates can be customized to allow export to other file formats.)

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Pub2Bib Setup: [EXE file | 141 KB]
Readme: [PDF file | 69 KB]

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Version 2.0e
  • added: find an article's PubMed-ID
  • added: open article in PubMed homepage
  • added: Readme as PDF version
  • fixed: warning if article could not be retrieved
Version 1.0
  • Release


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